Author: Belinda Chambers

Breastfeeding … and sleep

Breastfed babies DO sleep. At a mummy morning tea I organised, the age-old topic of sleep came up (as it inevitably does). Mostly the mums were just venting. There was lots of nodding and eye rolling and ‘that sounds just like us!’-type revelations, reinforcing that all we really need to…

Why is my supply low?

Talking about breastmilk supply. One of the major reasons many women stop breastfeeding is that they feel they don’t have enough milk to nourish their baby. I hear statements again and again, like: ‘he was a hungry baby’, ‘my milk just dried up’ and ‘my mum didn’t have enough either’….

Breastfed babies and poo

No one talks about poo more than a new parent! I’ve always loved a bit of toilet humour, so talking about my baby’s poo almost gives me a perverse pleasure. Suddenly I have permission to discuss stinky excretions in detail – no jokes required. It’s amazing how aware you are…

Ouch! What happens when nipples crack?

Talking about sore or damaged nipples. Nipple skin is super sensitive and any sort of grazes or cracks on it can cause toe-curling pain. When breastfeeding mums discover their nipples are damaged, just thinking about putting them in their baby’s mouth to suck can send them into floods of tears….

Early days: what do you need to know?

Talking about preparing for breastfeeding. If you’re pregnant, whether it’s your first baby or you’ve done it all before, chances are you’re busy preparing. Thinking about the birth, going along to appointments with your health professional and making sure you have everything on your shopping list. But what about preparing…